DTLA: Knackig Sausage Pop-Up at Mignon



Knackig is a German sausage pop-up at Mignon wine bar in Downtown Los Angeles. They’re right next to Cole’s so they’re ideal to hit up after a cocktail or two late nights. Cole’s kitchen closes usually right when I’d like a snack so Knackig is perfect.

They’re open on Friday and Saturday nights from midnight to 2:30 AM and then for brunch on Sundays from 1 to 5pM. They’re also open during Artwork (second Thursday of the month) from 9PM to 2 AM.



My best friend ordered the Kaiserkranier which is an Austrian sausage stuffed with cheese. And it really is stuffed with tons of cheese. After you take that first bite, it oozes out beautifully.


Torley sparkling wine

Knackig serves “artisinal” German beers and wine. We stuck with all-you-can-drink mimosas. Knackig uses Torley, a drier sparkling wine with tiny bubbles.



I got the bratwurst since you can’t go wrong with a classic pork sausage. We ordered all the condiments including a creamier mustard and the whole grain. Next time I’d just go with the whole grain, sauerkraut and perhaps the spicy peppers on the side. I saw people getting bunches of the spicy peppers to eat like pickle slices since they were out of the German pickles. A few bites go a long way though! Unfortunately they were also out of potato salad.

Other sausage choices include knackwurst, Polish kielbasa, Smoked Hungarian, spicy chicken, all beef weiner and a veggie sausage. I’d be interested in trying the kielbasa and the smoked Hungarian. I’m glad they have chicken and veggie choices as well for those friends who don’t eat beef or pork or just want something a bit lighter.


Knackig at Mignon

ArtWalk (second Thursday of the Month) 9P-2AM

Friday & Saturday: 12 Midnight to 2:30 AM

Sunday: 1-5PM

128 E 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014  — (213) 489-0131
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