Patty Melt and Classic Cocktails at Short Order

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling

I’ve now been to Short Order a handful of times but never written about them. I was reminded how much I like the Singapore Sling (St. George Bontanivore gin, Benedictine, Cherry Herring, lemon juice, pineapple juice, Angostura bitters) at Short Order when I saw this recipe from Julian Cox on the St. George Spirits website (yes, that is indeed another photo of the Singapore Sling from me).

It’s such a refreshing cocktail and much needed after watching Les Miserables recently.

patty  melt and blistered green beans

patty melt and blistered green beans


We managed to catch the kitchen before they closed. I usually like to order Reubens but the Patty Melt caught my eye this evening. I also ordered green beans instead of fries– hey, any way to feel healthy, right? Oh, I forgot, I had cocktails so it all balanced out.

This patty melt had pimento cheese instead of regular cheese. The whole thing was deliciously greasy. I wonder if you could call this Modern Southern food? But perhaps this is how they do it in the South. Just a side note, they mean it when they say they cook their burgers on the rarer side. So if you normally order medium rare, go for medium. They did warn me but it’s a good thing I like things a bit bloody.




The bar was wrapping up so I got a Boulevardier which is on their menu. It’s one of my favorite classic cocktails. I didn’t specify but usually Boulevardiers come up so I was a bit surprised this came on the rocks. Still, whiskey, sweet vermouth and Campari? It’s all good.

I’m so glad Short Order is at the Grove/ Farmers Market for a bite after (or before!) a film.

Short Order

6333 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90036  —  (323) 761-7970

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