Echo Park: Elf Cafe

corn meal and herb dusted buffalo oyster mushrooms


One of my favorite vegetarian restaurants is Elf in Echo Park. This adorable nook is where I can eat vegetables to my heart’s content. I have dreamed on their Moroccan vegetable tangine and even die-hard meat eaters seem to enjoy the fare.

I went last week with Valentina of Eastside Food Bites. We had been talking about going to Elf together ever since we met. I wanted to try the corn meal and herb dusted buffalo oyster mushrooms right away. It made a great appetizer with a delicious bleu cheese dip, olives and celery salad. I rather liked that the bleu cheese dressing was more of a dip than dressing on the mushrooms.

spicy Moroccan kale salad


We also shared the spicy Moroccan kale salad. Elf gives you a very generous portion and even though I can eat my weight in kale, we still had leftovers.

baked tart with thyme and garlic


Valentina had her favorite baked tart. She did mention it used to look more like a pie in a bowl. You have the option of fillings. She got cheese and red bell pepper.

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine

My Moroccan vegetable tagine is not only vegetarian, but it’s actually vegan and gluten free. There were so many vegetables. I was delighted with my dish even though I suspect I should have at least tried something new. I’m eying braised portabello or parpadelle with exotic mushrooms next time.

The couple next to us exclaimed in between murmurs of happy nomming that Elf’s food is the reason why people should go out to eat. We agree.


Elf Cafe

2135 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026 – (213) 484-6829
** cash only