Hollywood: Saturdays are Grilled Cheese Nights at Mercantile

Most Sharp grilled cheese

A couple of weeks ago, the gay boyfriend and I were walking out of District when we saw a sign for Grilled Cheese Nights at Mercantile on Saturdays. I filed that gem for a future outing. Then a Saturday rolled around and we had a short conversation about where to go for dinner. I had read earlier on twitter the specials so I casually slipped it in between restaurant A and restaurant C. At first, he thought it’d be too filling. But then I started reading the options. He got up and said let’s go.

mushroom soup with goat cheese

The gay boyfriend ordered the Most Sharp grilled cheese. With Scharfe Maxx, green apples, toasted walnuts and black pepper, it had him written all over it.

I decided to also get the mushroom soup with goat cheese. The cheese acted a bit like cream fraiche, dissolving and creating a richer soup.

Food Truck grilled cheese

It was kind of funny to me that the grilled cheese I wanted was called the “Food Truck.” And yet, I was at a sit-down restaurant. The sandwich was made with roasted pork, queso Oaxaca and house-made kimchi. I almost wanted a little more kimchi but I know if I had more in the sandwich, the toasted bread would’ve fallen apart. Maybe on the side? Where’s the button to ask for more?

We were too stuffed to go for dessert but I could have maybe snuck in their house made Oreos but they don’t make them anymore because they can’t find a source for the dark chocolate powder. Ack! But I love them so. I hope they find a source soon.



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