Dating Sucks in LA, Part IV

After my post about dating in Canada doesn’t suck, I tried to be more positive about things.

I still wasn’t the Minty Dating Machine I wanted to be but I was out every night (well, nearly) and having a great time.

My friends joked maybe I’d meet someone while I was in Seattle. It’s possible as I seem to meet people whenever I’m out of town but it didn’t happen this time. Well, I was chatting with someone at a bar my first night there but then he mentioned he was from Chicago and I’m allergic to Chicago guys now.

I did meet a great couple from LA who lived about 5 minutes from me. They were on their 30th wedding anniversary trip. I was very happy to meet a couple still so in love after all these years. How amazing.

I ended my trip a bit wistful I didn’t have a story to tell of how Minty got her groove back but then again, as much as I love the Pacific Northwest, I didn’t want to move there.

goat cheese, endive and watercress salad

Friday night, I had a date. A date with the gay boyfriend. We caught up at the Mercantile and had a lovely 3-course dinner.

trout rillette

pork sausage

Our server explained our options and when she asked us what we wanted, I automatically replied the gay boyfriend was going to have the trout and I was going to have the sausage. I just knew.

He’s still going strong with his Canadian love. And one of our good friends is also now dating someone. She met her boyfriend by going up to him and so she is now saying she chose him.

She chose him. What an interesting concept. It’s not unknown to me but while I don’t believe in women chasing men, you can most certainly give hints and clues to the one you want to pursue you. But are we too old for what could be construed as games? Should we just pick and go for it?

nutella banana ice cream

homemade Oreo cookies

I picked dessert anyway. And we took home cookies.

Before I left for my trip, I got a note from someone I once considered a friend. I met a guy last year that I thought was pretty nifty and checked around our social circle to see if anyone else was interested. I was assured by this person she was not interested and to go for it. It was much to my surprise that the next time I met up with her, about a week later, she was going out with him herself.

I was not really hurt. More shocked than anything else. My friends wanted me to call her out. But what was I going to do? I never had the guy. I was trying to be philosophical about it but secretly, I thought Universe would take care of me. I’m still waiting, Universe.

The person apologized for “hurting me” and she said my friendship was more valuable. It’s been a year. Of course I’m over it. But I never replied. I was in a hurry to get out of town. And now, it feels too late to reply. What am I going to say? Oh, yes, it’s fine? No, it wasn’t fine.

I’m not fond of grand gestures. It’s done. It’s over. Let’s all move on.