Hollywood: District Restaurant

Last Season's Clothing


Sometime before District opened, I was at next-door Mercantile complaining about dating in LA. I was talking to the gay boyfriend about his new and exciting relationship and contemplating moving out of L.A. It’s been more than a year since they started going out and I’d like to wish them a very happy Valentine’s Day today.

watercress salad

Things have changed quite a bit since then. I have hosted four singles events, gone on a few dates and even have an outline (yes, finally!) on my book about dating in L.A. I’ve mostly resigned myself to the idea that if I really want to date, I have to commit to it as much as I commit to any job or hobby I am into. Negative thoughts aren’t going to be helpful. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it does still suck but what I’ve found out is people are more than supportive and it really isn’t that bad.

fish sandwich

A couple of weekends ago, I found myself at District, nearly the same scene with the gay boyfriend. We were having a very quiet dinner and chatting about life. He’s not a big eater and I was trying to rein it in. I decided to get a watercress salad and the mussels while he had the fish sandwich.


The fish sandwich was amazing looking and even if I really wanted to order more interesting looking food from this foodie menu (oysters, crispy black eye peas, Yorkshire pudding, octopus, spam sliders, all the market veggies), I realized I would have to come back and with at least 5 others. Instead, I eyeballed the bar and contemplated it as a possible stop for my next Hot Bartender Crawl (in Hollywood).

I liked my watercress salad though I probably would have liked the stalks to be cut into shorter pieces. Still, it’s not a big deal to cut them to more manageable bites. They initially told me they were out of mussels but miraculously found some “way deep in the back.” I don’t know if I feared they would be frostbitten but they were actually quite tender and nice. The broth was more on the sour side though.

Overall, like dating, I have to give it another try.


6600 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 962-8200