Uno Mas: Mas Malo

chips and salsa sampler


When I walked into Mas Malo a couple of weeks back for lunch with Anisha, I fully intended to just have maybe a couple of tacos. But as it turned out, it was the second to the last day of dineLA and having had done a meal the evening before, I figured another couldn’t hurt. The $16 dineLA lunch featured three courses and seemed quite reasonable.

vegan menudo

When I went to the friends and family preview, I was really tempted to try the vegan menudo. I just couldn’t wrap my head how menudo could be vegan.  As it turned out, you just swap out the tripe for tofu. Anisha liked her soup but did add a dab of salsa from our salsa sampler to turn up the heat.

chicken posole

However, I enjoyed the chicken posole more. It comes with a dish of fresh cabbage, radish and lime. I dumped it all in and with a couple of squeezes of lime, it was a great soup.

Nopales & Soy-riza Burrito

Chicken Tinga Torta

I’m sure Anisha didn’t mean to make her meal vegetarian but she opted for the nopales and soy-riza buritto. She loved it. Probably as much as I liked my tasty chicken tinga torta.

tres leches cake

spiked horchata and flan

Anisha isn’t a big fan of flan but I convinced her Mas Malo’s is pretty great. Having spiked horchata to go with it and the tres leches cake was a great pairing.

Things are going strong at Mas Malo and I’m looking forward to a DTLA night where I can hobnob in the downstairs lounge.


Mas Malo

515 W 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014 – (213) 985-4332