Hollywood: Checking out Township Saloon

The Brookyln Dog


Township Saloon replaced District months ago but I finally had a chance to check it out last month. Described as a modern American sports bars, it features a large whiskey list and cheerful American comfort food including foot-long hot dogs. I eyed them but wondered about the fish sandwich. Some in the party decided to get that sans bun so it became more like fish and chips. And others enjoyed the turkey burger.

The gay boyfriend and his turkey burger


It was the gay boyfriend’s birthday so there may have been shenaningans.

beer me!


*Note this beer option is not available to just anyone.


The gay boyfriend is such a camera whore


Oh noes! The papparazzi!

In the end, I did get the Brooklyn dog, which is a foot-long hot dog piled high with pastrami. As you can imagine, there were some jokes (and photos) but we’ll leave that to your imagination. The dog had a great snap to it which is always a good thing.

Many thanks to Township Saloon for putting up with the pinata birthday party.



Township Saloon

6612 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028 — (323) 464-5700
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