Wednesday Nights at Rush Street

Girls’ Night Out.

Three little words women cherish.

El Diablo

I had been planning a little get-together with the Uncouth Gourmand ladies and our friend Megan from Drago Centro. We selected a random Wednesday and had thoughts about going to the theatre or checking out a local wine tasting. But then the UGs got a media dinner invitation for  Ladies’ Night at Rush Street in Culver City. The UGs invited Megan and I as their guests.

Rush Street is a place of many a happy Bloody Mary bar brunch. I love that they have tater tots to go with my red-eye burger (that’s a burger with a fried egg).  The happy hour and weekend scene is also quite strong.

It’s a big joke among my friends that I like Chicago guys. Or rather, Chicago men just seem to find me. Rush Street is supposed to be a Chicago-style bar. I think of it as more LA though. The menu doesn’t feature deep dish pizza or gyros. Luckily, I managed to avoid the Chicago men this night and met co-owner New Yorker Ken who was very nice.

lobster & shrimp eggrolls

sweet potato fries

short ribs potstickers

When we arrived, there were already a ton of appetizers out including portabello fries, tataki nachos, potstickers and more. It was great to see Caroline on Crack and Mar and Kelly from Citysearch.

salt & pepper pork chops

I was so full from the apps that I thought I shouldn’t eat anymore but I couldn’t help but order an entree along with everyone else. I spotted the salt and pepper pork chops and knew that was my choice. I was laughing when almost everyone ordered the salmon salad.

I tried out two drinks from the new Spring Fling menu, the Ginger Rogers and the El Diablo. For the Ginger Rogers, I asked for vodka instead of gin because I don’t like gin. It was easy sippin’.

The El Diablo reminded me of my favorite Gemini from Rockwell VT with the jalepeno and citrus flavors.

mac and cheese

I love the mac and cheese at Rush Street. It always reminds me of French Onion soup the way it comes out bubbling in its adorable crock. I stole a bite from Josie of the Uncouth Gourmand’s crock.

The joke was on me though when it was time to go upstairs for the pole dancing. That happy meal was definitely still in my tummy and thoughts of a not-so-pleasant accidental upchucking of pork chops and mac & cheese while spinning around the pole were racing through my head.

Oh, didn’t I tell you? I agreed to somehow participate in pole dancing. As part of the Wednesday Ladies’ Night, free instruction is available from Studio City’s Polistic.

One of the instructors from Polistic

The first time they asked me to participate, I pleaded I had a full stomach. As the booze did its work of helping me digest (and relax), I got up the gumption to do the first move.

Then the next.

Hell, I was doing the flamingo by the third and final time I was up on the pole. What’s the flamingo? Well, let’s pretend I was fabulously sexy and not actually terrified of falling to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

These ladies had a great time. They looked like they could be teaching the class!

Some ladies were really into the pole dancing. One cookbook author arrived wearing a pole dancing shirt. Polistic instructors also mentioned they had sexy pilates in addition to pole dancing instruction at their studio.

The next time you’re planning a Girls’ Night Out, consider Rush Street for your GNO. With $6 X-Rated Ladies’ Night drink specials, you’ll be up on that pole soon too!

Rush Street

9546 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 837-9546