Seattle, Part 2

After the big winery tour, I had a rest before going out for yet another cheese and carb fest. I was sad I didn’t get to finish my breakfast that morning since I was in a bit of a time crunch to catch my wine tour shuttle so I requested something filling.

My friends took me to Zayda Buddy, a Midwestern themed restaurant and bar. The place was packed with a party of 40 at the bar but we were seated within 15 minutes.

deep fried cheese curds

Looking over the menu, I saw they had fried cheese curds. Despite having spent time in both Chicago and Minneapolis/ St. Paul, I’ve yet to actually eat such things. Oh, we had to get an order of course. They reminded me of a chewier fried mozzarella stick.

mac and cheese pizza

I love mac and cheese but I’m not obsessed about it. Still, I was secretly glad someone ordered the mac and cheese pizza.


I had the Reuben since I love the combination of corned beef and sauerkraut. I did request dressing. Instead, I ate my sandwich with beer mustard. It was delicious that way.

beer mustard

I tagged along to a going-away party at The Capitol Club, a gay bar, but the wine was hitting me pretty hard and so I called it an early night. I imagine I’ll be more alert for the Gays & Dolls bar crawl in WeHo this Friday.

chicken sausage scramble from Portage Bay

Sunday was my last full day in Seattle. I tried to make the most of it starting with brunch at Portage Bay. Then we headed off to the Chittenden Locks, Archie McPhee‘s, Target (well, I can go to any Target but it so happened that Jean Paul Gaultier was introducing a line that day), Seattle Public Library and sushi dinner in West Seattle. Oh, and late night happy hour as well!

Chittenden Locks

Archie McPhee

By 6 p.m., I was exhausted and ready for dinner. We headed out to West Seattle for sushi.

Mashiko is definitely quirky with a set of “rules” as one of the first menu pages. Am I in a sushi nazi’s territory? I quickly found out they were just “being funny.” Oh, and if you were ever curious about heated toilet seats, Mashiko has ’em. They’re great after being out in the cold all day!


After staring at a poster of seafood at the Locks, I really wanted some oysters. I loved these with a bit of yuzu. They had three on special that night and it turned out I loved the big Pacific oyster the best.

lotus house salad

I ordered the house salad and was delighted to see three pieces of lightly fried lotus root. Yum!


I chose amaebi (sweet shrimp), geoduck, salmon and amberjack nigiri as my meal. Amaebi because I love it. Geoduck and salmon because I was in the pacific north west and amberjack because I also enjoy it. All the fish were clean and fresh tasting. I can see why this place is a favorite.

crab handroll

I was still a bit hungry (I have a great capacity for seafood) so I had a crab handroll. Mashiko doesn’t have handrolls on the menu but they did it for me. I’m glad no sushi nazi had me washing dishes over such a request.

coco a gogo

My friends had the coco a gogo (panko encrusted deep fried brownie sundae) which was served with the biggest scoop of green tea ice cream I’ve seen in a while. I’m so used to LA having these teeny tiny scoops of ice cream for dessert.

Mussels from Elliot Bay Brewing

I’m so glad I got to indulge in my seafood tooth my last night in Seattle. I loved the lemon mint aioli that went with the $5 mussels (late night happy hour!). Elliot Bay Brewing does late night happy hour every night of the week. I also had this great porter/port combination, a speciality drink of the house.

What a great trip! I have always loved Seattle and really enjoy my trips out there.

For more of my pics from Seattle, check out my flickr page.