Aburiya Toranoko Now Open for Lunch

baby stuffed squid

When Aburiya Toranoko first opened for lunch, I raved about it so much, I tried to go for lunch with a friend shortly after and discovered they weren’t open for lunch…then. They are now happily serving lunch and I went a couple of weekends ago.

The  lunch menu had plenty of options but not as much as the dinner menu. My beloved uni goma tofu was nowhere to be found. I was cheered though when we heard they were doing a special on the baby stuffed squid. My nickname is Baby Squid and I gotta have me some squid. The little bites were tender and gone in 15 seconds flat.

spinach and shimeji mushrooms

We also ordered the spinach and shimeji mushrooms appetizer. This was a bit bland but I appreciated it was very fresh.

udon with gohan soboro rice

One of the lunch specials was the udon with gohan soboro rice. The udon was plain but the rice bowl was topped with minced chicken and a quail egg.

close up on the udon

close up on the gohan soboro

We found the plain udon soothing on this sunny but chilly day. I loved the gohan soboro. It was so flavorful and who could resist the cute cheery quail egg?

lunch bento

Toranoko was offering two bentos that day including an executive one. My friend says I have eyes bigger than my stomach so we went with the regular bento with chicken karage (fried chicken), short ribs and sashimi.

If you’re walking or biking CicLAvia on Sunday, check out Aburiya Toranoko for lunch!


Aburiya Toranoko

243 S. San Pedro St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 621-9500