Venice: The Tasting Kitchen

Last week I wrote about Devon Espinosa and the new cocktail series at Breadbar. While we were hanging out at the bar, we also ordered food from Tasting Kitchen. I had heard some things about this restaurant but it’s somewhat rare I get over to the Westside so I relished this opportunity to tackle the menu.

The four of us ordered clams, green beans & burrata, fries, pork, fish and lamb. I also ordered the four oysters offered that night as my starter. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to go to the Westside more often. The Tasting Kitchen definitely had my attention with fine cocktails and great food.

green beans, burrata, proscuitto

I loved these fresh green beans. The sprinkle of hazelnuts took them over the edge of good to awesome.

Miss Veronica, a new Uncouth Gourmand, ordered the fries and clams. I’m a fan of clams and a fan of mussels and fries but never thought to order fries with clams. Ingenious! Read about her take on the night here.

lamb chop


I probably would have ordered the pork but I was feeling seafood-y so I opted for fish. I was secretly glad others ordered the lamb and pork which I got a bite of. Both were somewhat salty but as some might think, that’s called flavor!


My fish was just what I was looking for. The sauce, sides and firm fish kept my mouth busy for a while. I barely had time to talk (just joking).


My good friend Jen once told me about lambrusco and how it was Italian wedding wine because everyone drank the slightly fizzy sweet wine cold. I enjoyed my glass with dessert.

chocolate pudding cake

I pretty much will almost order something chocolate for dessert. This chocolate pudding cake with ice cream “building blocks” was the perfect way to end the evening.

The Tasting Kitchen

1633 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

(310) 392-6644