The Yard’s New Late Night Menu

pulled pork sliders


Last week I was invited to check out the new late-night menu at the Yard. I’m already in love with their poutine so it was a treat to try the other items.


grilled cheese


The menu may feature “bar food” — i.e. lots of carbs to soak up the booze but these bar bites are still in line with the Yard’s farmers’ market sensibilities. The pulled pork isn’t just some pork and sauce. There’s crispy onions and pickled carrots as well.

And when did arancini become haute bar food? Well, I like that idea. These crispy rice balls come with a spicy romesco sauce. And the grilled cheese has four different kinds of cheese; gruyere, mozzarella, asiago and bleu cheese. Fancy pants!

lamb meatballs


paprika spiced calamari


Even the calamari has a twist. There’s paprika on that squid as well as lovely fried lemon. Vegetarians, have no fear, there’s also a veggie plate so your only option isn’t grilled cheese. Plus, there’s dessert to boot.

I may not have to go through a drive-thru the next time I’m in the area.


The Yard

119 Broadway

Santa Monica, CA90401

(310) 395-6037