Tacos & Tattoos

Trucks at Tacos & Tattoos

After the Dim Sum Truck preview, I managed to convince a couple of people to join me at the Tacos & Tattoos event in nearby Venice. There were 6 food trucks parked in front of Ink Monkey.

The Noodles Partner, Jenny and I drove by and spotted the 5-O having a chat with the DJ. Well, as long as they don’t tell the food trucks to scram, we were going to check out Lomo Arigato and see how else we felt.

beef saltado

Although we are noodles whores, we decided to try a classic Peruvian dish, the saltado with a Japanese twist. We enjoyed it and if you want a carb fest of fries and rice, this is the dish for you.

While there, we met Munke who recognized Carina from the UncouthGourmands. We ended up trying some of his noodles and he joined us for our impromptu food truck crawl.

Bamwich from Tasty Meat

Photo Credit: Munke

feta fries from Tasty Meat

The Noodles Partner doesn’t do vegetarian. She was being funny when she said she wanted to try the meatless gyro. Ha, of course we got the bamwich which has both beef and lamb. It was tender and well-spiced. We also ordered feta fries but when we got them, she discovered feta was cheese and didn’t eat them. The Tasty Meat guys offered to give us plain fries. So nice!

fish tacos from Surfer Taco

Carina got the fish tacos from Surfer Taco. It was meh. I think the mushy tomatoes and weird lettuce strips is what did me in.

How the hell did we eat so much? I don’t know. Never ask a foodie.