Ongina!! Tammie Brown! RPDR!

I want to take you to a gay bar.

Last season on Logo, the gay boyfriend and I were obsessed with the show RuPaul’s Drag Race. We never really told anyone we were watching it and I’m always surprised to hear others watched it too. I really wanted Nina to win but Bebe won.

A few months ago, another guy from my gay posse took me to a more “gritty” gay bar, Shits and Giggles in Downtown (now in Koreatown) far from WeHo where I normally am seen. On occasion, the gay boyfriend and I have wandered to Venice or Silver Lake but we really are into pretty boys.

So, it was a shock to see Tammie Brown at this gay bar hosting! I was so excited, I took a pic with her but she really is quite a scary queen. I know it’s an act but s/he does it well.

Tammie Brown

what is s/he wearing?

I found it all sorts of hilarious s/he was wearing a shirt with a caricature of herself when I think she is a walking caricature of a drag queen.

The drag show itself was awkward much like how she was on the show.

I’ve been following another contestant, Ongina on twitter, and read s/he was going to be at MJ’s this past Friday for her birthday. There was no mention of cover so I got a gaggle together and off we went. Well, there was cover. This better be a phenomental show.

Nope. Ongina who was ridiculed on the show as being a “little boy” because s/he wouldn’t wear a wig (or even tuck!) was just prancing around asking people to buy her drinks. Aw! But s/he was very sweet and took a pic with me.

Here are some pics of her on a stripper pole.

S/he was the best dancer they had all night. Most of the go-go boys couldn’t dance and I found it weird they were drinking while dancing. Isn’t there a rule about not drinking on the job?

Some have wondered am I really chasing all the drag queens from the first season down? Well, if they live in LA (or at least visit), then yeah, I’ll take pics with them. I think drag queens are great. Hedwig being my queen of all queens though. Speaking of Hedwig, there’s a Midnight shadowcast this Friday at the Nuart with a Lady Gaga theme.

I can’t wait for Season 2 of RPDR to start on February 1! I haven’t picked out my favorite queen yet but some of them are very gorgeous. I just hope half of them had the sheer grit, drama and beauty of the Season 1 participants!