Flash or No Flash?

I’ve always been a simple point and shoot person. My camera is perpetually set to “auto flash.” I’ve had the camera for not quite a year and only recently started doing things like “cropping.”

As I take more and more food pictures, the thing I’ve noticed I like about other bloggers’ photos are the brightness of the pictures. I love seeing the color saturated photos and think they are amazing.

I’m not quite ready to photoshop or get a more expensive camera but I’ve been playing around with the settings on my little Canon. The one thing people tell me is look for natural light and no flash. However, I tend to eat at dark places and I’m still trying to remember not to set the flash.

Here are a some pics from last night’s Buttermilk Truck run.

Poll time! Do you like flash?

w/ flash, cropped, auto-adjusted

I noticed the “auto-adjust” button today. I think it looks good.

cropped, no flash

You might wonder what the hell am I eating since I took these banana peanut butter bites with no flash. Granted, there’s a lot of powdered sugar as well.

I find when I take things with flash and there’s a lot of white in the photo, it doesn’t work out as well. I should also note these pictures were taken outside in the dark with not a lot of light around.

Next is a cropped photo with no flash but auto-adjusted.

cropped, no flash, auto-adjusted

Best photo? Let me know. I don’t think so. I suppose I’m enjoying the photography process and improving my vaguely fuzzy photographs.

Oh, how were the pancake bites?

Well, for someone who hates pancakes, I enjoyed these. I thought the powdered sugar gave it enough sweetness and so I skipped the syrup. And they were more on the banana side with a pop of peanut butter every now and then. Just perfect. You got at least 6 of ’em for the $5. I also sampled my friend’s chocolate chip pancake bites and I preferred mine. I did overhear someone who got the red velvet pancake bites proclaim hers to be better than sex. Damnit, I need se… I mean, red velvet pancake bites now. Oh well, next time!

Back to flash or no flash.

Let’s move inside. But it’s not my usual “dark” restaurant. Simpang Asia, an Indonesian cafe and market has a fair amount of light and my noodles partner-in-crime who takes great photos on an expensive itty bitty camera said “no flash!”

with flash, auto-adjusted

I kind of like the color of the chips.

no flash, auto-adjusted

Hm, I kind of still like my photo with the flash on! But I do think this photo has better looking spinach. I suppose it looks more “real.”

I’ll write a separate post on Simpang Asia with all the photos (mostly taken without flash) but in the meantime, this gado gado (spinach and tofu salad with peanut dressing) was quite good.