Give me coooookie

Milk does a body good.

Or so they say.

I checked out Milk last night with friends and was surprised to learn they serve actual food and not just desserts. I was under the impression this was THE place to go for sweets on Beverly. Well, that and Susina about two blocks away.

Yesterday was Thursday and the daily special was the meatloaf sandwich which sounded fantastic on a slightly brisk night. It came on a nicely toasted ciabatta bun and had an orange-y tomato sauce. Maybe it’s an heirloom tomato sauce? It also came with a great side salad.

I probably shouldn’t have eaten the entire thing but I don’t like taking home leftovers, especially sandwiches when the bread would only get soggy.

Next up, dessert!

What to get? Milk had a huge selection. Everything from baby candy apples to cookies to cake to ice cream (including soy flavors!).

baby candy apples

I decided I couldn’t leave without trying the Cookie Monster  (as I called it) Blue Velvet Cake.

blue velvet cake

See that blueberry on top? In the case, it really looked more like Cookie Monster with those “eyes.”

I also got a red velvet “popper,” a mini-cupcake which was affordably priced at $.75 cents. And I couldn’t leave without the recommended ooey gooey chocolate cookie.

I loved the cookie!

ice cream counter

My friends had a brownie sundae. I loved that the brownie was warm.

brownie sundae

Despite the bad parking, I’m going to have to come back. Just look at that fudge and mess of pecans. Mmm, yum!