Burgers, Burgers, Burgers

Damn the day I ate a fancy burger.

I had never been one to really care much about burgers. The best for me at the time was In N Out. Some say I should try Fatburger but I haven’t ever gotten over the name (nor the lore of Fatburger chefs back in the day grabbing fistfuls of ground beef from buckets on the ground and throwing them on the grill).

So, one day I had Father’s Office and though my life didn’t change I definitely never ate a fast food burger again except for the occasional (and I mean occasional!) late night nosh after bar hopping. I loved that burger and constantly compare fancy burgers to that moment I had it.

Well over 7 years ago, the Counter came into my life. My boyfriend at the time didn’t understand why I enjoyed my burgers so much there. Fancy burgers weren’t in existence then. And the seemingly outrageous pricing was over-the-top. Now, we hardly blink (though we do still grumble) when a burger is over $10, nay, over $12.

I hadn’t gone to the Counter (in Santa Monica) in years. I was off chasing the fancy burger dream. However, I knew they had been franchising madly and now there’s a new one in Pasadena which is much closer to me.

I went this week and from previous experiences, I knew I didn’t want a bun because once you start ticking off all the toppings and such, it becomes massive. I always opt for a “burger salad.”

burger salad

The base burger was $9.50 ($8.50 with bun) and 3 $1 additional toppings, it became $12.50 which wasn’t bad.

Look at this bacon!

close up on bacon

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

I got the smallest beef patty (1/3 lb), 4 free toppings (pepperoncini peppers, roasted red pepper, grilled onions and olives) plus avocado, bacon and sundried tomatoes.

Was it the best burger salad I ever had? Well, I seem to recall loving the Santa Monica location more. This one was okay. I think having Umami Burger the night before at Umami Urban may have short circuited my brain as I loved the pork belly burger I had.

I did enjoy my Counter meal though. And the space was definitely like the other one. I felt calm and happy.  Service was very friendly and there’s easy parking available.

We also got sides, of course.

fried pickles

I thought the pickles were okay. I wouldn’t order them again because I prefer the fried pickles at Pure Luck.


Fries were whatever after the got cold but the sweet potato fries were great hot or cold. They could have been a little thicker but I think the thinness is why they were still crispy cold.

The Counter Pasadena

140 Shoppers Lane
Pasadena CA 91101

626 440 1008