Cupcake Off- BabyCakes Vegan NYC VS Big Man Bakes

On Monday, Nadia of DoubleDEntendre tweeted about BabyCakes NYC Vegan and asked if anyone wanted to meet up. I had heard about the buzz all weekend long as it just opened the day before. I enjoyed Lady Ducayne’s post though I was a little wary about the vegan aspect.

I decided to meet Nadia down there and suggested a cupcake off between BabyCakes and Big Man Bakes which was two blocks away. The two are like night and day.

We visited BabyCakes first and ordered two cupcakes ($4.25 each).

red velvet spelt cupcake

This did not taste like red velvet. It was really a muffin masquerading as a cupcake. The frosting was good though.

brownie gluten free cupcake

We did better with the brownie cupcake. I only had the faintest “this isn’t really chocolate” feeling.

Overall, I didn’t mind the cupcakes but since I’m not vegan, I don’t really need to experience them again. I would however, stop in again if I needed to buy something for a vegan friend. Yes, this foodie has vegan/vegetarian friends.

The girlie girls at BabyCakes were cool but we were off to our next stop.

At Big Man Bakes, the cupcakes were “only” $3.25 and they offered minis for $1. We opted to get 6 minis to try all their flavors (well, not horrible carrot- I detest carrots) and saved $1.

red velvet, coconut, "old school," double chocolate, chocolate

They are adorable and quite moist. I definitely thought BMB won the cupcake off! Our favorite was the double chocolate.