I’m not a food blogger but I blog about…food

One night over the holidays, I went with the gay boyfriend to see Avatar, the hottest movie of 2009. If it doesn’t win the best animation Oscar, I don’t know what will!

We watched it at the Arclight which meant a meal in Hollywood. I love Kitchen 24 for Happy Hour yet we went for dinner. Or rather, he ordered breakfast and I had a greasy Rueben.

reuben with fries

close up

Sadly, it didn’t come with more sauerkraut! I am spoiled, I love sauerkraut!

the Wakey Wakey


He seemed to enjoy his meal but he’s not a foodie. Admittedly, it looked good and they provided great service.

Another night last week, I was at Canele with the Hungry Hippo.

I had heard much about the duck confit from Gastronomnom but I didn’t order. I’m still kicking myself.

Instead, I got the bistro steak.

bistro steak

It looks good, doesn’t it? Sadly, I thought it was all right. It lacked flavor despite the watery bordelaise sauce. The spinach was good but the Pommes Anna were burnt tasting and cold.


Hungry Hippo’s fish was much better. That night’s daily fish was halibut served with beans and olives. She requested no olives and they accommodated her easily.

For dessert, I automatically eyed the chocolate cake.

chocolate crunch cake

It was so-so. I was slightly disappointed but thought the vanilla ice cream made up for it. The complimentary canele on the way out was a nice though. If I lived in Atwater Village, perhaps I’d give Canele another shot. Or the next time I have a duck confit craving, I’ll head here.

I have been to Bottega Louie more times than I can count. One of my favorite things there is the peanut butter terrine. I went on the second day it was open and this is what I got. Note my huge grin.

the original peanut butter terrine

Sadly, this past Saturday’s “new” version was just not the same. It’s not bad but it’s clearly an entirely different beast.

the new peanut butter terrine

It’s now a vanilla cake with whole roasted peanuts and a chocolate covering. Um, yeah. Not a terrine. I’m seriously thinking about starting a petition to bring back my beloved PBT.

I was so upset about that dessert, I drowned my sorrows by ordering a bourbon pecan pie at Cole’s later that evening.

I’m going to have to say my new favorite dessert is the Fluffer Nutter at the Must. I’ll be in soon just to make sure that dessert doesn’t ever change!