March Madness: Jane Fonda Loves Sonja & Shawna

Sonja & Shawna

The founders of the LA Street Food Fest, Sonja and Shawna share a birthday and this past Sunday, they threw a huge party at the Echoplex with three food trucks (natch), good music and party favors to boot!

The Echoplex also featured $5 drink specials named after Sonja & Shawna.

The Vodka Stinger aka The Sonja was vodka, ginger ale and lime

The Saucy Libre aka The Shawna was rum, champagne, Grand Marnier and honey

I had to go with the Shawna being as that’s how I roll.

Opening the little Chinese take-out boxes, I discovered a free ice cream sandwich from Cool Haus. Oooh! But first, I tried out Patty Wagon and the Greasy Wiener.

Patty Wagon menu


The Noodles Partner and I ordered the “You’re My Everything” (aka the sweet peppers one) and “I Get a Kick Out of You” (aka the spicy jalepeno one). She thought the peppers one was actually the spicy one and it’s a good thing I ordered the jalepeno one because we ended up switching. One bite of the spicy and I was out. I can only handle about medium spicy and this itty bitty burger immediately caused me to sweat profusely (okay, not profusely because that’d be gross). The Noodles Partner loved the spicy, of course.

chili dog from Greasy Wiener

chili cheese fries

Opening up the container, I gotta say these chili cheese fries weren’t overly appealing. They were somewhat white looking and someone asked me if they were even cooked. It looked more like pasta.

But one taste and I knew they were good. Still, I wasn’t entirely sold on this truck until I had a couple of bites of the dogs. I had a bite of the Noodles Partner’s kraut dog which I enjoyed. And the thinner chili actually worked with the dog. A chunkier chili would have detracted from the snap of the fried hot dog which was long and plump. Yowza!

I liked these dogs better than Slaw Dogs!

chocolate chip cookie with candied bacon bits ice cream

brownie cookie with strawberry ice cream

Ginger snap cookie with Meyer lemon ice cream

Brownie cookie with mint ice cream

Cool Haus were serving four flavors that night for the birthday girls. I naturally went with the  mint one. Noodles Partner opted for the brownie strawberry and a friend ordered the bacon one. I said if only we had a fourth person to try the lemon and they gave us one on the house! How awesome are they? If I didn’t already love their ice cream sandwiches, I do now!

I had a ton of fun and of course the dance off was amazing. I’m so happy my friend Skylar, aka Sophia LoRENEGADE, a ref for the LA Derby Dolls won for the ladies!

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