Culver City: Coolhaus

Coolhaus on Washington

For Valentine’s Day this year, I went to the Coolhaus shop and enjoyed all the boozy flavors I could find along with the fried chicken and waffles ice cream. Yup, that’s right, fried chicken and waffles! It tasted more like maple ice cream with bits of waffle.


fried chicken and waffles ice cream

I liked the Makers Manhattan but my ultimate favorite was the banana honey mezcal. Rose champagne was a nice sorbet and there was a buzz (haha!) that there was tequila in the key lime pie. Coolhaus is best known for their architecturally beautiful ice cream sandwiches but I was trying to save some room to taste more flavors. Of course I had to have my favorite balsamic fig.

Leblon Cacacha bartender

Leblon Cacacha was on hand to give the singles a push to talk to each other. They were making their signature caipirinhas as well as mixing the cacacha into Coolhaus’ blackberry ginger sorbet.


blackberry ginger smoothie cocktail

I tasted both and liked both. I would probably consider the blackberry ginger smoothie cocktail more of a boozy dessert though. I wonder if Coolhaus will make a caipirinha ice cream or sorbet?


The Valentine’s all-you-can-eat party with the DJ and booze worked out. The storefront was packed. There were quite a few women so if you happened to be a single guy, you were in luck. Actually, that might be true in general. Perhaps Coolhaus is the new pick up spot? Maybe something like this Ice Cream Bar in SF?

The Coolhaus Shop is open Tuesday-Sunday. Besides ice cream, they also have Blue Bottle coffee so get your affagato on.

Or find them around town via their trucks  in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Austin plus their ice cream sandwiches are available at Southern California Whole Foods markets.

Coolhaus Shop

8588 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232 — (310) 424-5559
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