The Minty’s Valentine’s Day Guide for Singles

I heart you

Valentine’s Day. 

This year, I’m all about Anti Valentine’s Day.  Also known as “Dear future Mr. Minty, once again, you’re late.” After receiving a ton (okay, it was just one very weird date offer), I have resigned myself to wondering where I’m going to be this February 14. Most likely it’ll be just like any other day. Maybe I’ll cook myself a healthy dinner, listen to Hedwig & The Angry Inch sound track for the millionth time or gasp, go out alone. It can be done. I’ve done it before and now you can too. I invite my fellow singles to embrace the day. Don’t be bitter for your matched friends eating prix fixe meals. You have the freedom to do whatever you like.

I don’t get “celebrating a platonic” night with friends” though. Forget “gal-entine” or “pal-entine,” embrace who you got- yourself! The one you love the most is yourself anyway, right? How often have you heard, “no way would I spend that much money on him…her.”

For dinner, splurge at your favorite sushi spot. Eat as much as you want. Go ahead. And stop crying. Oh, wait.

Also, this is a great guide for new spots to eat at alone.

And as for the rest of the night? The usual single-friendly spots would be bars. Hey, bars work. No one cares you’re alone at the bar. But don’t be that glum mess in the corner. In fact, make sure you sit at the bar. How else are you going to interact with anyone? Just because you’re by yourself and now embraced the fact, you’re going to make Valentine’s Day your ultimate wing man/woman. What you get is what you put out there. So, put that book or phone down at the bar and pay attention. Maybe you want that extra large beer, a neat shot or if you must, a silly girlie drink that’s bright pink before you can gab. Great! They will love you. Or your money, whichever.

Here are my top picks for Downtown LA

Far Bar – The crowd here is great. They appear to be locals and it looks like they’re having fun. Skip the weird cocktails on the list unless you really like sugary stuff. Stick to the great selection of whiskeys and Japanese beers.

King Eddy’s Saloon– one of the oldest bars in LA, this pre-Prohibition bar is a dearly loved dive bar. Ladies, especially redheads, will clean up here with a handsome fella with almost all his teeth. Seriously.

Chaya– where DTLA’s finest office drones roam. Ladies, if you like guys in suits, this is the place.

Seven Grand– always packed, always crowded with USC types. If you like ’em young and you like whiskey, this is the place to be.

One-Eyed Gypsy– like mystery, fun and games (skeeball!)? OEG may be the perfect place to find your rocker/rockette.

Or pick a place from my list.

Still can’t decide where to go? Bar hop. If no one catches your eye after the first drink, move on. And no, the bartender doesn’t count.

Can’t do the “alone” at the bar thing? Fine, fine. Fellow blogger Caroline on Crack is hosting a Love Stinks Karaoke at Neat Bar. Check it out! There will be drink specials and a food truck. Plus, some drink proceeds go to charity. For more info, check out Caroline’s post which includes other events going around town tomorrow.

Valentine’s Day, whatevs. Remember, make Vday your wingman! Own it!


(Oh thank god, I just got an invitation I can’t pass up! Really, Cupid, you’re just in time)


Happy Valentine’s Day!