Seattle: Pike Brewing Company

the bar at Pike Brewing Company


After touring Pike Place, we headed over to Pike Brewing Company. I didn’t realize it was more than just a pub. It’s also where they brew all the beer and there’s a museum on site devoted to beer. We met the friendly manager who took us on an impromptu tour.

mini beer brewing display

If you’ve read my beer post, you may realize there is more than one style of beer. At Pike Brewing, they only make English style ales (apparently the German style lagers take too long). I was anticipating many cocktails later in the evening so I only had a few sips of a friend’s beer. Usually I like darker, more hearty beers like porters and stouts but the pleasant sour was quite nice.


I took a bunch of photos downstairs in the brewery. There was a lot to see. I thought this tour was much more informative than when I went to Sam Adams in Boston. First of all, there are kegs everywhere (to be fair, Sam Adams has three brewery plants and I happened to go to the R&D one where not much is made).

special barrels squirreled away for safekeeping


After we got back upstairs, we took a peek at the Museum which really is just a large dining room with a lot of memorabilia on the walls. I have heard mixed things about the food here but everyone seemed to be enjoying happy hour.

beer to go

I can see the craft beer geeks geeking out right now. Beer to go!


Check out my slideshow of pictures here.

The Pike Brewing Company

1415 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98122 — (206) 622-6044