DTLA: I’ll meet you at the Far Bar

Far Bar

On First Street in Little Tokyo, between two buildings is a narrow alley leading to Far Bar. The first time I was led into this alley a couple of years back, I felt like Harry Potter discovering something magical.

Far Bar

However, we were full and not really in the mood to drink so I didn’t actually try this bar until a couple of weeks ago. Now there’s more signage, making it easier to spot. After our dinner at the Spice Table, we headed over.

Japanese Beers menu

At first glance, Far Bar is homey. Regulars munch on Japanese food. The cocktail menu is one massive “martini” list of seemingly too sweet cocktails. I avoided them and ordered a Jameson and ginger. However, I belatedly saw they had quite the decent shelf of bourbon. Next time.

beer specials

For those into beer, particularly Japanese craft beers, there’s a wide list and the beer specials seemed fairly good.

I think if this bar was a notch or two darker, had a better cocktail list and didn’t seem steamy with food smells, I would love this bar. But I was more enchanted with its location more than anything else. Yet, there is something quite fun about Far Bar. I’ll meet you at the Far Bar to find out more.

Far Bar

347 East 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 – (213) 617-9990