Coolhaus Shop Now Has Milkshakes (and more boozy flavors)


The Coolhaus shop in Culver City is now offering milkshakes!

Solstice Party


I recently went to their Solstice Party and was happy to find some new flavors! I also dug co-founder Natasha’s cocktails she created for the party. She describes herself as an at-home mixologist.

pineapple cilantro  jalepeno sorbet


Meet my new favorite flavor- pineapple cilantro jalepeno sorbet! I can imagine in a cocktail. Tequila? Perhaps rum? Or add a little to your favorite bubbly for a summer treat.

While Coolhaus doesn’t sell booze (yet? maybe in the future, please?), some of the most popular flavors do feature booze. As I mentioned during the Valentine’s Day party, those are some of my favorite flavors from Coolhaus. I will have to try the SoCo Cherries and Chocolate next time. Actually, some of their most popular flavors feature chocolate. The Chocolate Cointreau also sounds intriguing. Or perhaps the Chocolate Patron XO Cafe.

Mmm, SoCo Cherries & Chocolate milkshake!

Coolhaus Shop

8588 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232 — (310) 424-5559

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