What Does Foodie Mean To You?

quinoa salad

“You’re the foodie, you tell me how this is made.”

I get this statement a lot. And usually from people who don’t realize I identify myself as a “foodie.” They just know I enjoy food and in some ways, it’s more than just a hobby.

lomo saltado

I’m not a food critic or food writer. I don’t claim to be. And yet, I have this blog where I mostly talk about food. And being single. And what it means to be gay adjacent. And shopping, fashion, makeup, art and and and. And well, okay, back to food. Actually, this is a diary of a foodie, damnit.

dish of the day

I had a dining club for 3 years. I’ve been doing food crawls for over 3 years now. I’ve been on every “foodie” site you can imagine. Yet, it wasn’t until I started this blog last December that I became aware how much people (well, food bloggers mostly) hate the word “foodie.” This innocuous term I called myself in order to connect with other lovers of food. These gluttons, food sluts, food whores, fatsos and pigs (and oddly, pandas).

shredded chicken

Perhaps it’s too cutesy. It belittles the hobby? The passion? It makes restaurant and food people think we foodies don’t know how that plate of food appeared before you. Or at least that’s my guess.

How has the term “foodie” become so despised? Why don’t we hate “gourmet” or “gourmand?” Those terms seem just pretentious.

carob mousse

I do think that just because one likes to eat and thinks themselves a foodie doesn’t necessarily mean they are one. I happen to cook (not well but I try). I read cookbooks. I love cooking shows. I appreciate restaurants and all who work in them. It’s damn hard work.

passionfruit creme brulee

I’m taking back the word, “foodie.” It’s not as bad as hipster! Plus, I really don’t want to change my banner on this blog nor my business cards. Teehee.

** all pics from Mo-Chica.