Los Balcones del Peru

Last week, I met up with a friend for lunch at Los Balcones del Peru. I had only been there one other time after a sake tasting next door at K&L. I remember thinking at the time I enjoyed the food but it was a tad salty. And my stomach wasn’t overly pleased with me for going overboard with the garlicky cilantro aji sauce.

But years later, my stomach has toughened up and I’m in love with Peruvian as I ever was. I even enjoy the times I’ve been to Mo-chica, a more upscale Peruvian joint.

Camarones a la Piedra

However, I need to compare apples to apples and I’m basing this experience against all the enjoyable nights at Natalie Peruvian.

beef lomo saltado

Initially we wanted ceviche to start but we heard their Camarones a la Piedra were great. I loved the sauce. It was bright and flavorful. Next we enjoyed the beef lomo saltado. The beef was quite tender and the fries were actually good. They win over Natalie for this dish. We opted to get a salad instead of the usual rice because we also ordered the seafood chaufa (fried rice). I wouldn’t mind coming back for one of their soups to really compare to Natalie.

mariscos chaufa

Fortunately all those squid rings weren’t chewy and finding bits of fish and shrimp were good. It was a good chaufa but I prefer Natalie’s over all but like the atmosphere of Los Balcones more. It happened to be a World Cup day and all the men (yes, I was the only woman enjoying lunch) were so excitable. Very good people watching, ladies!

Next up on my Peruvian quest is Mario’s. Let’s see how their aji sauce is!

Los Balcones del Peru

1360 Vine Street

Los Angeles, CA 90028-8140

(323) 871-9600

** A note on parking, you can park at the Arclight lot and Los Balcones will validate for 2 hours.