Hollywood: The New Los Balcones del Peru

chips & dip


Los Balcones del Peru recently renovated and the dining room is much more contemporary and sleek. The now modern design included a large chalkboard against one wall and soon there will be a ceviche bar. The menu items were familiar though- ceviches, saltados, tiraditos and other traditional Peruvian dishes. The last time I had been in was well over a year ago.

sea bass tiraditio

I was tempted to try the Parihuela which is my favorite soup at nearby Natalie Peruvian. However I didn’t want to deal with cracking any shells that evening and went for seco de pescado, a seabass stew. My friend had a different sea bass dish, the sudado de pescado. We also had the sea bass tiradito. The same fish in three different dishes and it tasted completely different each time.

Although we liked the tiradito, I felt it was over-sauced. I lost some of the delicacy of the fish to the heavy-handed citric sauce.

sudado de pescado

seco de pescado


Once I saw my friend had tomatoes in his dish, I coveted it. I wanted that tangy flavor. But then I remember how much I love the seco de pato (duck) at Picca and decided I’ll probably like my dish as well. And I did. The yuca was great in it. Seco is a beer/cilantro sauce.

Los Balcones is still validating the parking at nearby Arclight making this is an easy stop before or after the movies. I bet it’ll be busy with the new cevicheria soon.


Los Balcones del Peru

1360 Vine St., Hollywood, CA 90028 – (323) 871-9600