Sushi-Gen: Omakase Orgasm

Masa at Sushi Gen

I don’t generally invite myself to things but when I saw the Noodles Partner and another friend were going to Sushi Gen, a spot I’ve always wanted to try, I asked if I could come along. They welcomed me with open arms. Though I feel a bit guilty because I think we ate way more than we should have (read: spent $$$).

seaweed soup


The toro was so good that I had two orders!

yellowtail belly

sweet shrimp

red snapper

The guy next to me at the sushi counter kept ordering red snapper. He must have had 5 orders of this. Served with a bit of spicy sauce, I can see why he loved it.


I’ve never had albacore so good before. I generally think it’s a little dried out when seared but this was perfect.

baby squid

My nickname is Baby Squid because I eat so much seafood. I’ve never had it as sushi before and LOVED this!

Spanish mackerel

Spanish mackerel is one of my faves and this was great.

giant clam

When I was in Seattle, I had mirugai sushi (geoduck, also known as giant clam) and thought this was better at Sushi-Gen.


amberjack & salmon


crab handroll

toro hand roll

We staggered out of Sushi-Gen with happy tummies (and empty wallets). Back to eating noodles with the Noodles Partner but this is why eating really awesome sushi makes me hateful of the combo plates I sometimes “endure.”


422 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-0552