Inverse St. Patrick’s Day: DTLA Bar Crawl

Token Irishman at Drago Centro

Instead of going out on actual St. Patrick’s day, I started a day early for happy hour at Drago Centro. Luckily, they were already serving speciality themed drinks.

Jennie from the Happy Hour Tour and Carina from the Uncouth Gourmands joined me on this bar adventure.

lamb with farro salad at Drago Centro

porkbelly quiche

How can I love this food so much? No questions, I just do.

Drago Centro's Mai Tai

Drago Centro's Manhattan

I love that Drago Centro is reinventing classic cocktails and bringing them out for happy hour. These two along with the Sea Breeze are only $5 each! So far, the Aviation is still on the list but another gin drink may be easing down your throat soon.

Next up was a champagne tasting at Provecho but we were escorted to their lounge, Remedy where we were treated to cocktails from Grand Marnier, Belvedere and Hennessy.

Remedy Lounge

potato tacos and more

It’s a good thing we had food at every bar because this pre-St. Patty’s day drinking was going pretty darn strong.

It wasn’t even 10 p.m. yet so we headed out to Library Bar.

Library Bar

They also serve food at Library Bar. I’ve been meaning to try their pork belly skewers so I got them along with their house fries.

house fries from Library Bar

pork belly skewers from Library Bar

There are nights I wish I had a fancy pants camera but I don’t and I’m just going to call these pics “artistic.”  I suppose I could have taken the food into the clean well-lit (and fantastically smelling because of the fresh Stargazer lillies) restroom but that would be a little weird. Ha!

The fries were incredible.  They were so crispy, almost like a kettle chips- fry hybrid.

I liked the pork belly skewers as well. I had simple 2-ingredient drinks here. Although it was happy hour any longer (it’s until 8 p.m.), I thought the food was worth full-price.

I got all the fun of St. Patty’s day but not the hang over. I should pre-party like this more often!