DTLA: Toshi Sushi

A Tale of Two Chirashi Bowls

I’ve been hearing about Toshi Sushi‘s chirashi bowls as a great value for some time now. I finally  made it over there a couple of weeks ago. We grabbed a table but there is a sushi counter for those who want to pick their own and gab with the sushi master.

But which chirashi to get? There’s the regular bowl and then there’s a premium bowl. I got the revved up version and took a picture of my dining companion’s for comparison. For about $5 more, I got uni and a few extra slices of fish. After eating it, I would be happy to go to the regular bowl next time. It was a hell of a lot of seafood (not that I minded– I love sushi/sashimi!). I really liked the “egg roll” which seemed tastier than a piece of tamago.

close up on my chirashi bowl

There were about 10 different items in my bowl including the salmon roe and scallops. For a little under $20, you can’t beat the quality and quantity.

I’d love to return for dinner and try the omakase to see how it compares with Sushi Gen.

Toshi Sushi

359 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3901
(213) 680-4166