Little Tokyo: Lunch at Sushi Gen

The $15 sashimi lunch

Ever since I first went to Sushi-Gen back in 2010, I have counted it as one of my favorite sushi places. I’ve been meaning to check out their lunch specials as it’s the same great fish for significantly less. There are quite a few options but if you’re sticking to the $15 range, your best bet will be the sashimi plate which comes with pickles and miso soup. I opted for the chirashi (also $15) because I wanted to compare it to nearby Toshi Sushi.

Deluxe Chirashi

Although it was called Deluxe Chirashi, I didn’t find anything really premium about it except for one wonderfully luscious piece of toro. Otherwise, I silently decided I’m getting the sashimi plate next time. Or go to Toshi for chirashi. It did not help  matters when I overheard someone groan next to me “it’s so much fish” as he struggled to finish his sashimi platter. The rest of his party had gotten some teriyaki & sushi combo. Perhaps I should have made friends with our neighbors.

miso soup

pickles and tofu

Although my meal wasn’t supposed to come with soup, our adorable server gave me one anyway. I rather liked the bowl of tofu which I dipped into the soup, a bit like a deconstructed miso soup.

A note about Sushi-Gen, get there early for lunch. We arrived about 30 minutes after they opened and waited about 30 minutes. The lunch specials are not available at the bar. I almost wanted to sit at the bar as there was much less of a wait but then you had to order a minimum of 4 orders of sushi.

Next time, sashimi…or I’ll save my pennies for omakase.


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