NYC: Sashimi at Mishima

negi maki


On my first night in New York City, we had dinner at Mishima. I had been up practically all night  and day and it had been a long travel day. While sushi didn’t particularly sound comforting, I was craving sashimi. We started off with the negi maki appetizer which is beef wrapped around green onions. It’s very Atkins-friendly (well, minus the sauce perhaps).

clam miso soup


I was surprised to be offered a choice of regular miso or with clams. Naturally being a seafood fiend, I went with the clams. You know how you love the little bits of seaweed and tofu in miso soup? Now imagine with clean tasting, perfectly chewy clams. A simple but well executed soup.

Sashimi special


For $25, I got the sashimi plate with 12 generous slices of fish. I expected something with fresher looking wasabi but otherwise, the fish was okay. The best was the salmon and yellowtail while the tuna was a bit dull. Still, it was a great deal of food and I had trouble finishing it. I started thinking how much I wanted the sashimi plate in LA at Sushi Gen.

fresh pineapple


Mishima sent out complimentary pineapple as dessert. It was light and lovely, the perfect way to end the night. It was just as well I didn’t go to bed with a belly full of mashed potatoes. Who said Japanese food can’t be comforting?



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