Brooklyn: Buff Patty & WTF Coffee

Buff Patty in Brooklyn

I was staying in Fort Greene in Brooklyn and on my first day back in New York after 8 years, I set about exploring the neighborhood. I wandered down Myrtle considering all the lunch options. Finally I saw a tiny Jamaican shop. I had to try it the goat since it’s one of my favorite things.

goat stew with rice, salad, plantains


Compared to the Tropical Truck in LA (sadly, I think it’s defunct), the “medium” goat stew portion was very generous. I do have to say though this shop seems to garnet more attention for their jerk chicken. I saw so many people ordering it and the counter woman seemed surprised I wanted goat. The guy in the kitchen even came out to make sure I wanted goat.

It was a filling lunch and laid down a good lining for I was going to the Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala later that evening.

Buff Patty

376 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205 — (718) 855-3266
© The Minty 2012

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At nearby WTF Coffee Lab, I decided to get a latte to decompress and digest my lunch. Unfortunately, they gave me my coffee in a to-go cup so no pretty foam art.

The shop is narrow and I was the only soul in it for a while. I sipped my latte and considered the tree-lined street outside. This seemed like a much more quiet street than the raucous Myrtle.

It was a good day in Brooklyn.

WTF Coffee Lab
47 Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205
© The Minty 2012