The Tropical Truck: Taste of the Island

There’s a reason why I never chase food trucks, they’re everywhere! On Tuesday, I was going to try a truck that a friend said was really good. No, not just really good, really, really good. I was intrigued though everything I read made it seem messy, gooey and well, fatty. I am trying to be good here! But the truck didn’t tweet me back when I asked for their location and I arrived Mid-Wilshire thinking perhaps it’d be there (turns out the truck I was “chasing” was two blocks away from my office, 5 miles away from where I was– damnit!).


Ah well, I was in food truck heaven near the La Brea Tar Pits. I counted several trucks and spotted one I’d never heard of before, the Tropical Truck. They served “Island” food. I’m all about jerks (have you read my dating posts?) but today I opted for the goat stew. I also sampled the oxtail and that was delicious…deliciously fatty but I decided to be good (damnit, why do I do that?).

goat stew with red beans & rice, cole slaw and plaintains

I was surprised how good everything was. The stew was tender. The plaintains were great and I even liked the lightly dressed cole slaw.

close up on the goat

I thought my food was better than Derrick’s Jamaican, a sit-down place. I’d gladly chase (well, let’s not go that far) the Tropical Truck next time! At least I added them on twitter to see if they’ll ever come downtown but it looks like they’re usually found Mid-Wilshire.

The Tropical Truck

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