Brooklyn: M Shanghai Bistro & Garden

M Shanghai Cafe

As mentioned, I had quite a bit of Asian food during my recent trip to New York. After sushi the first night and Korean a few times, I wanted Chinese food. I knew soup dumplings were a favorite in NYC but I was in Brooklyn at the time. A quick search led me to M Shanghai Bistro & Garden in Williamsburg.

steamed juicy pork dumplings aka soup dumplings aka xiao long bao aka XLBs


In LA, we refer to soup dumplings as xiao long bao or XLB for short. The menu at M Shanghai  listed them as “steamed juicy pork dumplings.” I confirmed with the server that’s what we wanted and away we went. They also have a few other dumplings that looked promising but we were weren’t really that hungry. Or were we?

close up on the XLBs


I liked that M Shanghai mixed our sauces with quite the flourish. I was hesitant they didn’t use enough black vinegar but it was perfectly mixed. At $6 for 6 dumplings, I considered another round of them. They were slightly bigger than the ones I’ve had before with good soup and tender ground meat. I did wish they had a version with pork and crab but they only had pork.

sauteed pea leaves with garlic


Pea sprouts and leaves (tendrils) are some of my favorite Chinese greens so of course we had an order of that along with sauteed rice cakes with shredded pork (no photo, unfortunately). The three dishes were enough for two but I experienced order envy when I watched the couple next to us get several orders of dumplings, scallion pancakes and an entree each plus noodles. What, did they think they were me in LA (yeah, okay so I was worried about having too many leftovers).

M Shanghai is a nice spot and the next time I’m in New York, I’ll have to do a XLB crawl to find more good spots!


M Shanghai Bistro & Garden

292 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 — (718) 384-9300

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