There’s Spinach in Your Teeth

Anytime I go on a date, I think about Douglas Adams and his Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books. He talks about how even if you didn’t eat spinach that day, your date will point out you have spinach in your teeth.

I suppose I really shouldn’t have had the Chinese Chicken salad from the new Tender Greens in Hollywood. We checked it for lunch after an early showing of Sex and the City 2 at nearby Arclight.

Chinese Chicken Salad

Yes, there was spinach in this salad.

No, the date didn’t point out I had spinach in my teeth.

Tender Greens

6290 West Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA

(323) 382-0380

We met up at Trader Vic’s at LA Live for a drink. I had my usual Queen’s Park Sizzle there. I discovered this drink last year and have been completely sloshed in love with it ever since.

We talked a little bit about ourselves. I mentioned how Sci-Fi and Fantasy were some of my favorite genres (hello, I started this blog mentioning Douglas Adams!) and he said he read maybe one book a year.

I mentioned what I did and while he seemed supportive, I thought the most fascinating thing about his job was he made the signs for Sushi Gen.

As for music, my understanding was he listened repetitively to two albums. One of which was from the 60s and while that is completely cool, I would get bored.

I would not say this was a match though maybe he would be a good foodie buddy.