Celebrating LA Pride’s 40th Anniversary

Mama with Mayor Mitch Ward (Manhattan Beach)

Last night I attended Mayor John A. Heilman of West Hollywood’s reception for LA Pride at the London. It happened to be the 40th Anniversary for LA and the 25th for WeHo. In attendance were three other openly gay mayors; Mike Gin (Redondo Beach),  Joe Mosca (Sierra Madre) and Mitch Ward (Manhattan Beach).

Before the reception started, I was asked why was I there. A friend who invited me introduced me to everyone as “she’s not a lesbian but one of our straight supporters.” I was slightly aghast at that. Must we label ourselves?

Being Gay Adjacent, I do very much feel a part of the GLBT community. Some might view Pride parades to be an old hat these days but I think it’s still important for anyone who recently came out of the closet. Or are thinking about doing so.

I hate to paraphrase Lady Gaga but I think being gay at this time is still a very tough thing and more so in less gay-friendly areas. I find it amazing there are 4 openly gay mayors in the Southland.

Here’s to another 40 years. Happy Pride!

LA Pride

June 11, 12, 13