Sunday Night Sashimi: Komasa

Sometimes I wonder if my wants and needs are complicated or not. Earlier in the day, I had fried chicken from Hotel Fig but by evening, I wanted sushi. We headed over to Little Tokyo and we first tried to go to Sushi Gen. Like any good sushi place, it was closed Sunday evening. I remember having a great meal at the sushi bar at Komasa once so we headed over there.

The three of us ordered a slew of things though at this point most of my hunger dissipated and I could have just been satisfied with the miso soup with clams. But like a good foodie, I marked off a few nirigi and rolls as well as shared the sashimi platter. The verdict? The fish wasn’t as nice as I remembered though generally I know sitting at a table versus sitting at a bar could be different. Still, I was bummed. I knew it wasn’t going to be Sushi Gen but at least give me one good thing. Everything was so average. I did like my Spanish mackerel but it was missing the customary sauce.

Our spirits picked up at Far Bar though we didn’t linger.

I would still go back to Komasa but I’d sit at the bar…and not go on a Sunday evening. Damn these complicated uncomplicated needs.

Restaurant Komasa

351 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 680-1792