Lucifers Pizza R.I.P. Club: Win a trip to Sin City!

One of my new favorite pizza joints, Lucifers Pizza, has a rewards card. Now, I’m not really the type of person to carry around a bunch of rewards cards. I might get it stamped/punched at first but by the third, fourth, fifth time or whatever, I’ll lose the card.


Lucifers is doing something beyond just getting a free pizza. Well, you get a free pizza too but after the 10th pizza you buy (and free 11th pizza), you get a swipe card so you no longer have to save your receipts. And you’ll be enterd to win a trip to Las Vegas (last day to be eligible to enter is August 14). For more details, check out their site.

Lucifers has some new menu items since I last went.

Whoever thought of tossing the sweet potato fries in natural honey is a genius! It’s worth the extra dollar! It didn’t make the fries too sweet but rather enhanced the natural sweetness of the fries.

And the chicken bacon ranch was quite nice. If you’re one of those crazy kids who goes to a pizza place and doesn’t order pizza, this salad is perfect as it has protein…a lot of protein. Bacon!


In addition to the Spagnola (spicy shrimp with chorizo) pizza, the other new pizzas include sopressata and prosciutto pollo. I really liked the shrimp one as I like seafood. And Lucifers uses really fresh shrimp with the tail on. Their prosciutto is always so crispy. Better than pepperoni!

Zepoli are like Italian doughnuts. I had never seen them before but they very much taste like the Japanese dangoes I used to love from Nisei week festivals.

I’m currently plotting to bring pizza to parties so I can knock through 10 pizzas and win a trip to Sin City!

Lucifers Pizza

1958 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 906-8603