Devilishy Delicious: Lucifers Pizza

A couple weeks back, the Gay Boyfriend and I checked out Lucifers Pizza. We had intended to get Thai food but due to serious lack of parking in Thai Town, we found ourselves in Los Feliz. I remembered I wanted to try a newish pizza place called Lucifers.

Greek salad

After splitting a Greek salad, we decided to get two personal pizzas to share. He chose the prosciutto and pumpkin and I had the chicken pesto even though I was eying the rosemary lamb or meat lovers but I know he wouldn’t eat such things (yeah, I hang out with healthy, non-red meat eaters).

chicken pesto

As it turned out, I LOVED my chicken pesto. It had cashew nuts in it which are some of my favorite nuts. I had asked for medium spice but it wasn’t overly spicy. I actually could have gone hotter.

proscuitto & pumpkin

Oh wow, this unexpected combination of sweet and salty was perfect.  After a slice of each, I was pretty full but the Devil must have made me have another slice of the chicken pesto!

close up on meat lovers

This week, I came in again with a crew and we got two large pizzas with two types per pie so we got to try four pizzas. But after tossing it around, we also went with a small chicken pesto (again, the Devil must have been whispering to me on one shoulder).

We got the rosemary lamb, meat lovers, BBQ chicken with bacon, prosciutto & pumpkin and that lovely chicken pesto. I really enjoyed the rosemary lamb.

All the pizza had great crust, were crispy and weren’t greasy.

Currently Lucifers doesn’t have alcohol but I saw someone bring some in. What a great neighborhood spot.

Lucifers Pizza

1958 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 906-8603