Marina del Rey: Mendocino Farms

While walking up to the new Mendocino Farms in Marina del Rey last week, I noticed the picnic table with grass benches out front. Wow, already this location was different from the two in Downtown Los Angeles. Mendo has always been fun to me but they are somewhat more constrained by the stuffy downtown business crowd. I wish we had these grass benches at the Mendo near me.

The next thing I noticed was this location was very family friendly. There’s even a corner for pram (strollers) parking. And a kids menu!

I’m not sure about the men’s restroom but there’s a changing table for babies in the ladies’. There was also a cute low table with stools for kids in the main dining room.

wine country steak & brie

Otherwise, this was the Mendocino  Farms I’ve grown to love. My party of 5 ordered different sandwiches to share.

cubano classico

blood orange lemonade

I had the blood orange lemonade. While I loved its brilliant color, there was no discernible blood orange taste. It was good though to wash down all the sandwiches and sides.

braised lamb on wheat sourdough

fort "we should bragg" melt

turkey & avocado

I’ve tried many, many Mendocino Farms sandwiches in the past but other than the turkey and avocado, they were all new to me.

Steak & Brie– warm, gooey cheese, great steak- how can you go wrong?

Cubano– described as “traditional,” I actually thought it was a fresh take on the classic with the almost Asian-y house-made pickles.

Braised lamb– currently on the seasonal menu, this is a winner. I hope it makes it to the permanent menu one day.

Ft. Bragg– My group loved this sandwich with the fresh tuna but I was eying the other sandwiches with tuna.

Turkey & Avocado– a bit messy but very good if you’re looking for a basic sandwich. Use the hot sauce for a kick!

pulled pork bite

They were out of the Kurobuta pork banh mi that day but we got samples of it and it’s as amazing as it sounds.

house made pickles

curry cauliflower orzo

spicy beef & kale soup

I have always loved the sides at Mendo. I usually get both the soup and salad (then try to save half my sandwich for a snack later!). This spicy beef soup lives up to its name. And now I have fallen in love with the curry cauliflower orzo.


chocolate hazelnut

The cookies are available for purchase but the catering menu has these wonderful lemon tarts, cakes and chocolate hazelnut thingies I’m calling a piece of heaven. I’ve actually gotten catering from Mendo before and always look forward to dessert!

Thanks to all all who entered my Mendo contest. And I hope my winners loved the outing as much as I did.

Mendocino Farms

4724 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

(310) 822-2300