DTLA: Fried Chicken

“Chicken skin is so good!”

“I don’t eat chicken skin. Or any skin for that matter.”

“But you eat fried chicken!?”

Yes, and let me tell you about my favorite fried chicken in Downtown Los Angeles.

I was supposed to do my Chicken Crawl Down Lake two weekends ago but postponed it so I could attend Carina’s going away party. The crawl is now rescheduled for this coming Sunday.

Hotel Fig chicken

Luckily for me, Carina chose to do her going-away party at Figueroa Hotel which so happened to be my favorite fried chicken in DTLA. I tend to take off all the skin and eat just the juicy chicken. Their fries are crisp and salsa-y dressing/ topping for the salad is oddly addicting.

Figueroa Hotel

939 South Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015-1302

213- 627-8971

fried chicken from Market Cafe

To confirm it is indeed my fave chicken in the area, I had fried chicken from the Market Cafe by Patina at the AT&T center last week. It was a special of the day. Although quite fancy looking with the colorful baby carrots, I found the chicken to not be seasoned. I only found flavor by dabbing the chicken into the gravy.

Both chicken dishes were the same price ($8.50 or so) but you get a tiny bit more with Hotel Fig’s version as you get three pieces as opposed to two.

Market Cafe by Patina

AT & T Center

1150 S. Olive St., Garden Level

Los Angeles, CA 90015