Shaab in Pasadena: Chowan Mushi!

My Memorial Day plans fell through and I ended up visiting a little Japanese restaurant in the heart of Old Town Pasadena. Although, I think this joint is a hidden secret because no one I’ve ever talked to has heard of it but it’s been there for years. This would be the sort of place you’d find in Little Tokyo or South Bay or on Sawtelle in West LA. It’s not fusion or a chain but a bit homey and cute.

Shaab is primarily a shabu shabu place but they serve some sushi and izakaya plates.

I opted for a bento box and out came a cup of chowan mushi, one of my favorite nummy Japanese foods. It’s essentially an egg pudding with mushrooms and sometimes seafood.

This chowan mushi didn’t have seafood. It’s just a lovely and warm way to start. My friend and I also shared the fried tofu which unfortunately the crispy shell disintegrated immediately and a spicy tuna roll (yes, we know but we still like spicy tuna rolls). She had a different bento than mine but we agreed mine was better because of the chowan mushi plus mine had pork belly!

Anytime I want some decent Japanese food in Pasadena, I head over to Shaab.


77 N Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103

(626) 683-1150