The Hollywood Corner

The gay boyfriend and I have been looking for a replacement for homey meals and although we weren’t sad to see Doughboys close (we thought the food had progressively gotten worse), we missed that type of food. We’d been curious to check out the Hollywood Corner when they took over the old Doughboys space. Supposedly they kept a lot of the same desserts including the red velvet cake.

We started with a couple of appetizers including the fried pickles and crab cakes. I’ve said over and over I love pickles but we thought these pickles were sliced a little too thick. And the fried batter didn’t stick to the slices.  The gay boyfriend suggested fried pickle spears might have been a better shape. However, we loved the crab cakes! They were very “crabby” with lots of crab and not that much filler.

The Hollywood Corner had quite a few soup and salad options. They also serve main entrees, specials, sandwiches and pizzas. We saw a crew from So You Think You Can Dance chowing down on the pizza.

The gay boyfriend had the salmon burger which they described to be a fresh home-made salmon patty. We liked it and loved the addition of the alfafa sprouts.

However, the star was my fried chicken which was like a massive chicken fried steak. I did think the batter had the same problem as the pickles where it didn’t stick. I ended up with a pile of fried stuff but it didn’t detract from the taste. I really dug the gravy which you could see the fresh herbs in it. The gay boyfriend even said although he would have never ordered this dish himself, he is going to order it next time.

I’m starting to think I’m the one who has to order mac and cheese everywhere. And clearly this one was tailored for me with the addition of shrimp.

Hello, hummingbird! Where have you been all my life? This Hummingbird Cake is essentially a banana cake with cream cheese frosting. I almost think you can eat it for breakfast. Almost.

The Hollywood Corner

1158 North Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038-1205
(323) 463-2220