Providence: 5-course Anniversary Special Tasting

Providence was number one on my must-try restaurants. I have heard about it for years and knew it would be fantastic. Once I heard they were doing their 5-course meal normally $85 for $65, I grabbed my fine dining partner and off we went. Providence was doing this just for the month of June to celebrate their 5-year anniversary but now have extended the offer through July. I would hurry up and make reservations since Brad Johnson of Angeleno Magazine just picked co-owner and head chef, Michael Cimarusti as Chef of the Year.

amuse bouche

Our table wasn’t quite ready when we arrived for our reservation and we were asked to wait at the bar where we witnessed the bartender practically shaking her arms off. I want what that woman is making!

Eventually we were seated and given only our cocktail menus. We decided it was a strong hint and it wasn’t until after we enjoyed our drinks were the menus given to us. But we already knew what we wanted and our amuse bouche came promptly. We were given three things which we were told was partially an amuse and partially our first course. The gin and tonic was refreshing with a squeeze of lime and the mojito, the wobbly bit on the spoon was very interesting. I liked the tuna in the shot glass as well.

We also enjoyed the house bread. I chose the bacon and my friend had the nori.

tuna with rice crackers

What’s this? I thought we got our tuna already but apparently not. This tuna was our first course and came with rice crackers and coriander flowers and a soy cream fraiche. My friend proclaimed this to be her second best tuna and I have to agree. It’s very good.

seared scallop

While we enjoyed the tuna, we LOVED the scallop. I thought it was the best course of the 5 we were given. The inside was still rare but warm. I’ve had some good scallops before but usually the inside is still a bit cold. This was an eye-opening experience for me.


The halibut was also masterfully cooked but my friend and I didn’t enjoy this dish. I wanted to like it but the flavors were competing with each other. One moment would be tapenade. Another would be an herb. Then some fish. It just didn’t meld.

veal breast

Next came the veal breast which was just amazingly tender. We were on the happy train to food comaville again.

yuzu cake

chocolate cake

Providence is known for their dessert tasting menu. You can order 3, 5 or 7 courses. While we didn’t participate in that, we wanted more than just our dessert for this 5-course tasting. Besides the yuzu, we ordered the chocolate cake.

Both were fabulous. I wouldn’t mind coming back for maybe the 3-course dessert tasting but not without get an order of scallops first!


Our favorite of the three mignardises were the macarons.

I have to mention that I’ve heard so much about this restaurant’s service and my friend and I thought it was unintentionally funny and wacky. I cannot commend anyone on their poise. The wine pairing descriptions were rushed and at times we thought our server was putting on a fake Count Dracula accent. We had other moments as well. We had a great time though but found this to be a bit “dinner theatre.”


5955 Melrose Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90038