Melisse: $65 Anniversary Special

amuse bouche #1

Now extended until the end of August, Melisse is offering a four-course special for $65 as part of their anniversary celebration.

amuse bouche #2

With new restaurants popping up every day,  to be in business for 10 years is quite the achievement. And Chef Josiah Citrin continues to wow. I had never been before (yes, I’m guilty of trying the new restaurants over more established eateries) but knew it would be good. When I heard about the $65 four-course meal, I asked PepsiMonster of  Right Way to Eat if he’d like to join me as it’s one of his favorite restaurants.

amuse bouche #3

Service was great and on par with such a high-end restaurant. I was even given a purse stool for my bag so I didn’t have to hang it from my chair or god forbid, put it on the floor which I’m sure was actually spotless.

lobster bolognese- fresh cappelini, black truffles, basil

After we all ordered glasses of wine and champagne, we asked for the anniversary special. It came with a lobster bolognese, halibut, steak and dessert.

Alaskan halibut- Vietnamese Spinach, Courgettes, Curry-Kefir Emulsion

After three rounds of amuse bouches all based on tomatoes (each increasing in flavor and expertise), we settled into a really fantastic lobster bolognese. I really wished for a whole bowl of this. The pasta sauce was so fresh and although there were no chunks of lobster, the foam did its job of evoking the briny sea.

Next up was the halibut. Unfortunately, my first impression was it had been sitting out for a while. After a taste test, we discovered the fish was over-cooked. Not unbearably so but I prefer my fish to be more deftly handled.

Prime strip loin- Heirloom Carrots, Swiss Chard, Maple-Horseradish Jus

I really liked all the accompaniments to this dish. It was discovering presents under the Christmas tree. I liked the carrot puree with the steak. I thought my beef was cooked fine but some found it overcooked. I like mine about medium rare which this was. It did have some stringy bits though I didn’t enjoy. I wished for more lobster pasta.

passion fruit parfait with lemongrass and coconut

I like anything with tapioca and felt this slightly Asian flavored dessert was a nice way to end our tour of the menu. The tropical flavors of the passion fruit, lemongrass and coconut were much appreciated.

mignardise- caneles

mignadises- cookies

Recently, I went to Providence for their anniversary special ($65 for five courses). Although I generally liked the food better at Providence, I would go back to Melisse more for the service and general good time.

Melisse Restaurant

1104 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 395-0881