The Top (and Bottom) Minty Posts

I’m kind of amazed by numbers. I’m not going to go in-depth like Sippity Sup did in his post but I thought it’d be interesting to list the top 5 Minty Posts along with the the bottom 5 (making gay-adjacent jokes again, are we?).

Here they are (not including my own subpages):

Bottom 5

Derrick’s Jamaican

No love for the healthy Jamaican food? But there’s oxtail pics! And collard greens. Aw.

Ambrosia in Long Beach

What? People don’t want to read about all-day $1.49 mimosas? People, I thought you liked cheap drinking? Oh wait, you come to my blog for the fancy cocktails, huh?

Tara’s Himalayan

No love for the yak curry. But it’s good, I swear!

From Ensenada to Korea

In which I talk about Ensenada Restaurant in DTLA and so-so soon dobu in SGV. I also stop along the way to talk about the now defunct Pho Minh.

Company Pub (in Las Vegas)

Actually, I get it. It’s one of my earliest posts.

Top 5

1. Test Kitchen Meets Starry Kitchen

There’s this guy in a banana suit running around town. His lady was the first female chef at TK.

2. Manila Machine

The first and only Filipino food truck I’ve tried!

3. Pig’s Head at the Gorbals

Minty meets bizarre foods.

4. Hot Bartender Crawl – DTLA recap

My very first hot bartender crawl. Look for another one soon! Really soon.

5. New Fall Menu at Bistro LQ

Get ready, the Winter menu is coming! I have a sneak peek this week.