Introducing the Manila Machine: First Filipino Food Truck of LA

Last week, the Manila Machine debuted at the Downtown LA Art Walk to much anticipation. It’s the first Filipino food truck in LA and headed up by two LA food bloggers, Natassia Johnson of Let Me Eat Cake and Marvin Galputos of Burnt Lumpia.

I think this truck may possibly be the first truck to be headed up by food bloggers as well but don’t quote me on that! Naturally, the LA foodie community came out in droves to check this truck out.

lumpia shanghai

Looking over the menu, I immediately zeroed in on the chicken adobo and lumpia shanghai. Jennie from the Happy Hour Tour and I also ordered tapa pan de sal slider and an ube cupcake.

chicken adobo

I really liked the whole peppercorns in the adobo. The soft rice complimented the tender stew quite well. As a lover of tart and vinegary things, I did wish this adobo had more of a tang to it but perhaps it was toned down to accommodate palates not accustomed to adobo. I say go for it and add a little bit more vinegar to the recipe.

tapa pan de sal slider

There were a choice of two sliders. I opted for the tapa, a calamansi (Filipino citrus) marinated beef with achara slaw. I’m going to have to go for the Longganisang Hubad slider next time because who doesn’t like sausage? And I heard there’s a new slider, the Manila dip!

ube cupcake

Although I do like the traditional Filipino desserts such as turo and halo halo, I had my heart set on the ube cupcake when I saw it was available. Knowing Natassia is a baker, I was curious to see how this cupcake would be. It was deliciously light and perfect! It was probably the best cupcake I had in a long while and my favorite part of the meal.

It was a fantastic opening night. The truck sold out within a few hours. Catch them on twitter to see where they’re rolling next!

The Manila Machine